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Extended Hearts BidtoGive auctions will be transforming the whole idea of fundraising for nonprofit organizations on the Internet.  An organization that traditionally has a gala/auction event would benefit greatly by offering e-invitations options to supporters to aid in selling more tickets; online registration to cut down on staff time updating attendee rosters; and an online auction to expand the number of donors beyond those able to attend the event.

By offering these tools and promoting them online your bidders will enjoy a convenient, fun and entertaining way to purchase great products and services, while lending their support to causes that are important to them.

- Completely Online Auction: Create a new fundraising event in your annual calendar by adding a completely online auction.

- Catalog-Only: Promote your live event and help your attendees come prepared to bid by building a custom online catalog without biddingin more

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Extended Hearts, LLC BidtoGive solution is our online charity auction venue that helps nonprofit organizations raise more money by using our web-based auction solutions.

Our BidtoGive online charity auction solution will help you extend your auctiton market and manage your fundraising auctions online, resulting in more