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Faith-Based Groups & Organizations Page Creator: Extended Hearts
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About our Charity
Extended Hearts (Demo)

Extended Hearts, LLC is an online fundraising, donation and fundraising solution provider, enabling ordinary people to raise extraordinary amounts of money for the causes they care about. Not for profit charities, organizations, groups and individuals have the ability to use our services to raise money online for the causes they care about the most. Extended Hearts mission is to become the #1 Online Community for Fundraising Solutions for all not for profit charities, organizations, groups and individuals.
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Fundraising target: $1,000.00
Donations to date: $0.00
Our personal message:
Thank you for visiting my fundraising page on ExtendedHearts.com!

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Your church or faith-based group works hard to support the community with a wide range of contributions. Itís not always easy to help ministries raise money to fund their missions Ė to help them succeed. Help your faith-based organization raise more funds by building a stronger community with an Extended Hearts fundraising page.

By creating an Extended Hearts fundraising page, youíll seamlessly integrate the donation process and open doors that had previously been closed to you. Plus, youíll save valuable time and money by automating the giving process.

Partner with Extended Hearts, LLC to:

-Raise funds for special events or activities.

-Encourage sponsorship of youth group trips or events.

-Collect contributions for local, regional or national charities.

-Raise funds for community events (dinners, lectures, etc.).

-Secure online donation or funding for a new church project (Church expansion, new building fund, etc.).

-Scholarships for special events/programs, college, private schools and more.

-And much more!

What should your site say? The easy answer is, "whatever you want it to!"

Here's what we suggest to get started:

-Tell your supporters about your fundraising goals and objectives and share a personal story as to why you are trying to raise funds or profile someone who will benefit from your efforts.

-Update your site regularly, over our secure server, to encourage supporters to revisit and provide donations

-Make sure that the image and style of your writing maintain consistency with any online or print materials you are currently promoting.

Connect with a world of people who care about your cause. Set up your Extended Hearts fundraising page today!

Our online sponsors to date:
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