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What is GiveNow?

GiveNow is a button that directs your donors to a secure server where they are able to contribute to your cause with the click of the mouse! GiveNow allows organizations to accept credit card payments, membership dues, one-time and recurring donations online, giving you more time to devote to carrying other development activities.


For complete details and information please read our GiveNow Terms of Service.


What is the cost of GiveNow?

GiveNow offers two distinct services for non-profit organizations-- Custom and Standard Pages. Standard GiveNow accounts access a one-time account set-up fee of $49 USD, while a Custom account accesses a set-up fee of $69 USD. Both services are just $9.95/month. Extended Hearts charges a 5% transaction fee on all donations made through GiveNow.


What is the difference between a Custom and Standard GiveNow account?

A Custom GiveNow Page matches the exact look and feel of your organization’s website, giving a seamless appearance. Standard Pages are displayed on a neutral, gray background. Both pages offer the same great benefits.


Does our organization need a merchant account to receive credit card donations through GiveNow?

No merchant account is necessary to use the receive donations or payments of any kind through GiveNow.


How do we change our log-in information?

To change your log-in information, log in to your account and click the “Log-in Info” tab under the Administration Panel. Type in your new Username and Password, and click “Update Log-in Info”.


How do we select the appearance of our GiveNow button?

To select your GiveNow button, log in to your GiveNow account and click on the “GiveNow Buttons” tab on the administration menu. Choose the GiveNow button that you would like to use by copying and pasting the image link, located under the button of your choice, onto your webpage.


How do we change the donation amounts associated with our GiveNow button?

To change your donation amounts, log in to your GiveNow account and click on the Donation Page tab on the Administration Panel. Click delete next to the amount(s) you would like to remove. Add new donation categories and/or amounts by entering the category into the allocated space and clicking “Add Category”. 


To add a donation amount, select a category from the drop down menu and enter a donation amount and brief description that you would like donors to be able to choose from. Click “Add Amount”.


Can donors make recurring and/or scheduled donations through the GiveNow feature?

Yes, when donors make a contribution through your donation page, they may elect to schedule weekly, monthly, or yearly donations to your charity.


How and when is our organization notified of contributions made through our GiveNow button?

Your organization will receive a notice of donations made to your GiveNow account via email, as soon as they are made.


Will our donors receive receipts for their contributions?

Yes, all donors receive tax-ready receipts, payment confirmations, and a customized “Thank You” message upon contributing to your cause.


We’d like to offer our donors gifts for their contributions, how can we do this?

To offer your donors gifts for their contributions, log in to your GiveNow account and click on the “Donation Page” tab under the Administration panel. Under the Gifts with Price Points heading, enter the lowest amount that donors can contribute in order to receive the gift. Enter the title of the gift you would like to offer along with a brief description in the allotted spaces. Upload an image of the gift (if applicable), and click “Add Gift”.  Repeat to add additional gift items.


Can we include our event’s sponsors on our donation page?

Yes, GiveNow allows you to thank your sponsors by adding their logos and links to their websites on your customized donation page.


How do we turn on/off the Tell a Friend feature?

To turn the Tell a Friend feature associated with your GiveNow account on or off, log in to your account and click the Donation Page tab under the Administration menu. On your Donation Page, scroll down to the Tell a Friend heading and click on the on or off button.


Can the information collected through GiveNow be exported to other programs?

Yes, into Excel as a CSV file.


How do we receive the funds raised through our GiveNow account?

Each month, Extended Hearts distributes checks to individuals/organizations that have raised a net total of $50 or more in donations, less company transaction fees.


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