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How GiveNow Works

By establishing an Extended Hearts GiveNow page, organizations effectively attract new donors and ease the giving process for existing donors. A Web-based fundraising initiative differentiates organizations from competition and streamlines operations. Reach a new generation of donors by allowing them to GiveNow.

How does the button work for donors?

·         A donor clicks on a GiveNow button (available in a variety of sizes and colors) from the organization’s Web site.

·         The button leads to the organization’s customized GiveNow page, which is located on the secure ExtendedHearts.com server.

·         The donor enters his or her personal and billing information and submits it over a secure server. Donations may be either one-time or recurring.

·         The donation is processed in real time, allowing the donor to be immediately notified if there is an error in the transaction. Once it is successfully processed, the donor receives an on-screen receipt and a customized thank-you message.

·         An e-mail is sent to the donor confirming the gift. This e-mail includes a receipt for tax purposes and the personalized thank-you message.

·         At no point during the process is the donor distracted by links to – or information about – other giving opportunities.

How does the button work for an organization?

·         An organization may access its account at any time, using its ExtendedHearts.com/givenow login information at the “Existing Users” section of ExtendedHearts.com/givenow.

·         The site is secure, and provides participating organizations with a detailed breakdown of donation and grant history. Staff can also download this information in an Excel spreadsheet.

·         Account information and custom features can be changed any time. All changes take effect immediately.

·         Organizations are immediately notified of each donation via a detailed e-mail.

·         Any time someone makes a donation, the organization will receive a notification e-mail detailing the gift.

·         Twice a month (on the 15th and 30th), Extended Hearts sends the organization a check for the aggregate amount of monthly donations, less the percentage Extended Hearts, charges for each transaction.

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